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Undergraduate Program (B.S.)
Undergraduate Program (B.S.) Master Program (M.S.) Master Program for Working Professionals (M.S.)
Undergraduate Program (B.S.)

Undergraduate required courses

Name of Course (Course Number)


Calculus (1) (URI1103)

Economics()( URI1101)

Management Information Systems (URI1107)

Accounting(2) (URI1106)

Calculus(2) (URI1104)

Economics()( URI1102)

Risk Management and Insurance (URI1109)


Financial Management(URI3101)

Property Risk Management (URI3132)

Personal Life Insurance( URI3130)


Investment (URI3102)

Integrated Risk Management(URI2104)

Insurance Law( URI3104)

Case Study & Practice(1)(URI3136)

Case Study & Practice(2)(URI4115)

Undergraduate elective courses

Name of Course (Course Number)

Fundamental Mathematics For Business(URI1601)

Civil Law(URI1602)

Electronic Commerce(URI3648)

Social Insurance(URI3620)


Financial Analysis(URI3611)

Financial Market  Knowledge and Professional Ethics (URI2612)

Financial Market(URI2606)

Mathematics in Life Insurance(URI4602)

Risk Financing(URI4615)

Risk Control(URI4608)


Insurance Information System(URI2601)

Financial Mathematics(URI2610)

Futures and Options(URI3638)

Insurance and Financial Markets(URI3621)

Liability and Casualty Insurance(URI4635)

Health and Casualty Insurance(URI4641)

Employee Benefits and Pension Planning(URI3623)

Statistical Package(URI3619)

Mathematical Statistics(Ⅰ)(URI4643)

Applied Probability(URI3652)

Industrial Analysis(URI3650)

Practical training of insurance and risk management(URI3671)

Topics of insurance and risk management(URI3672)

Financial Risk(URI4630)

Theory and Practices of Reinsurance(URI4611)

Mathematics in Casualty Insurance(URI4604)

Transportation Insurance(URI3644)

Advanced Software For Business(URI3625)

Management Science(URI3646)

Mathematical Statistics(Ⅱ)( URI4644)

Business Valuation(URI3656)

Risk Classification(URI3617)

Property and Casualty Insurance Practices of Underwriting and Claim(URI3668)

Asset Backed Securitization, Pricing and Risk Analysis(URI3674)

Investment-linked Insurance products(URI4651)

Financial Modeling and Application(URI4649)

Risk Management & Insurance Decision Supporting System(URI4628)

Catastrophic Risk Management(URI4645)

Risk Management of Insurance Marketing(URI4639)

Early Warning and Risk Supervision(URI4647)

Topics in Calculus(URI4659)

Topics in Statistics(URI4661)

Life Insurance Underwriting and Claim Practices(URI4669)

Risk Management and Insurance Practice(URI4667)

Internship program in Risk Management and Insurance(URI4650)

Insurance Derivatives(URI4632)

Risk Management of Real Estate(URI4634)

Practice of the P/C Insurance(URI4638)

Practices of Life Insurance(URI4636)